How do I purchase tickets for the band I want to support?

Under the “Artists” tab, click on the artist. You will be given options for:

$20- view the 4-hour concert for the night they are performing

$30- View all three nights as they are released 

$60 VIP- View all three nights and receive T-shirt with band names, signed poster, and DVD of the entire festival. 


What if I want to support more than one band?

Due to the structure of the video viewing platform, in order to support more than one band, you will have to order a “ticket” from each band. Unfortunately, we are unable to split one ticket. 


What if I am unable to begin viewing the concert at 6:00pm?

The concert is available to view for a 24-hour period after the release date. 


I received an email that my pre-sale order was cancelled.

We had some technical issues with the Vimeo site due to the amount of traffic. The links to buy the tickets have been reset and you will not be charged for any purchase prior to that. Please repurchase your ticket. 

Where do I receive my Vimeo link to view?

If it did not show up in your regular inbox check your spam folder or promotions folder.

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